We are a Global organization committed to partnering with organizations globally and locally.

On December 1, 2002 a dream was born …to help people to become greater. Over 10 years later, we have realized and grown that dream … We inspire, we equip, we lead, and we challenge people and organizations to become greater.

We are honored, humbled, and quite honestly, thrilled every day to guide and support our customers along their journey, whether it is one inch at a time or a vast transformation.

We are deeply thankful to the people and organizations that believe in us. Each and every decision to partner with us is not lost on us … it pushes us to become greater ourselves, so we can continue to deliver the excellence our customers expect and deserve.

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What They Say About Us!

  • “Thank you, Doreen, and thank you for leading a great session.  I hope this will lead to additional direct discussions between all the team members to continue our development of trust and execution and I believe you helped to awaken our desire for courageous innovation.  I will touch base with you soon.”

    VP of HR
  • “Thank you again for a great day! Already so much positive feedback. Look forward to sharing more with you and hopefully partnering again soon.”

    Senior HR Generalist, Law Firm
  • “Our National Sales Meeting earlier this month exceeded my expectations on a number of levels and I would like to give credit to you and your team working in partnership with mine, for an excellent job done.

    When we discussed the theme for the conference and how we would link everything back to our three business critical requirements for success in 2017, I was a bit skeptical. Our South African team is a diverse group and I grappled with the issue that they might not all “get it”. I was wrong. The messages were simple and clear and delivered in a way that each person walked away with an understanding of their part in the plan.

    Your team has extreme passion for Action Based Learning and the entire 3 days were designed around the requirements and the 2017 plan. After each session of the workshop, you summarized key learnings and we talked about what it meant for each team member and what they would need to do as an individual to ensure they deliver on their 2017 commitment. This was powerful and the feedback from the team is that the priorities are clear.

    The planning that went into the event, was down to the last detail. The venue you selected gave us absolute privacy so that we could focus, but also have some fun as a group.

    A big thank you to you and your South African Team. I look forward to sharing our 2017 success with you.”

    General Manager, Africa
  • “Yesterday I witnessed you giving all of your knowledge and everything of yourself to help our young people do better.

    Thank you for that most precious gift.”

    Chief Executive, Africa
  • “The feedback is still amazing. So glad we made the time. And thank you for your contribution. You were great. We went through a difficult time 6 months ago and this was a great way to move beyond that. I hope we have the chance to work together again.”

    Director, Africa
  • “I was thinking of you yesterday for 2 reasons: 1) … I was telling her about how good you and your workshop are (and will pass your name along) and 2) Next week is our Annual Sales Meeting …I am pleased to whisper in your ear what a tremendous shift has occurred. A real change for the better! I know what a good feeling it is to know that you have made a positive impact, so I thought I’d let you know. “

    General Counsel
  • “Thank YOU for your leadership and facilitation skills. It is never easy to carve out time (especially at year end), but all of us agreed it was time well spent. Let’s set up some time to sit down in the New Year.”

    Vice President of Sales
  • “Doreen, Wanted to take a minute to say thank you for you and your teams support in conducting our ABL (Action Based Learning) session at our national training meeting last month. It was an extremely busy 2 months leading up to this meeting. With new leadership in place it required me to take on more of the development of meeting content. It gave me great peace of mind to know that your team was on top of all aspects of the content development and working with our reps and DM’s. This enabled me to concentrate on other parts of the meeting. The ABL was not only an innovative tool to engage and train the reps, but added a lot of needed fun and team interaction to the meeting. All reports from the field team was that it was one of the best parts of the meeting.”

    Director of Marketing
  • “Doreen, great job – we have received very positive feedback on the session. …was a big hit and was referenced throughout the meetings. It was great to work with you and your team again.”

    Vice President of Sales
  • “I wanted to thank you for the productive two days. Yesterday was incredibly valuable and I walked away with a lot of great ideas/strategies to consider as we continue building a cohesive, high-performing team in 2013. I know I still have a great deal to learn about being an effective manager/leader so hopefully we have the opportunity to regroup and participate in more of these developmental workshops. Great seeing you and looking forward to sharing our progress next year.”

    Sales Operations Manager
  • “It was such a pleasure to watch so many of the key characteristics of a great speaker in person so soon after your session. It completely reinforced the learnings and I am PUMPED about getting better! Presenting and teaching in a group setting is something I enjoy and I THANK YOU for helping me to get better!!”

    Sales Training Manager
  • “I’m learning a lot from the best in the business. Thanks to you both for everything!”

    Sales Coordinator