What does she do at Riverbend?

Kristin joined Riverbend in 2017 as an Executive Client Advisor. Her belief that everyone has unique potential and her dedication to helping people recognize and build on their talents through personal and professional changes is the motivation behind her work. She believes that learning and growing are keys to happiness, that being interesting is one of the best measures of a life well lived, and that by embracing their individualness, people can grow to live up to their full potential.

Consulting with small companies and large corporations, Kristin has never met a problem she wasn’t excited to solve. She applies a unique problem-solving methodology to help her clients and, consulting on a wide range of strategic initiatives and unraveling problems that are keeping companies and people from reaching their full potential. In addition to wrestling the seemingly unsolvable, her main areas of expertise include leadership development, profitability improvement, organizational design, and large-scale program and team management.

What did she do before joining #TeamRiverbend?

Prior to joining Riverbend, Kristin advised Fortune 50 companies across a wide range of industries including financial services, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, professional services, telecommunications, and technology. Conducting leadership training, crafting missions and visions, managing large teams, and improving financial performance, Kristin focused on moving organizations forward and setting them up for long-term success.

Where did she study?

Kristin holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and a Bachelor of Arts with a Journalism major and History minor from Pennsylvania State University.

What does she do other than Riverbend?

When not consulting, she writes about the power of individuality, is endlessly fascinated by neurobiology, and coaches girls soccer, Girls on the Run, and Odyssey of the Mind teams. Kristin can often be found in the middle of an “epic” game of Four Square with her two daughters and her husband, trying desperately to tire out her 100+ pound chocolate lab, or plotting her next adventure.

Believing that change is good, Kristin travels often. She has lived and worked overseas, finding adventures from skiing the Alps, to white-water rafting in Costa Rica, and sailing the British Virgin Islands.

What’s her favorite Riverbend workshop or experience?

Building High Performance Teams is always a favorite for Kristin…she loves talking culture and has a passion for helping teams uncover their purpose, set their inspiring vision, and drive down the path toward success. She also loves designing strategic initiatives and problem solving/critical thinking based workshops.