What does she do at Riverbend?

Lauren has been a Client Advisor and Facilitator with Riverbend since 2007. Her 16-year expertise as a Licensed Professional Counselor has been maximized in a wide variety of Executive and Professional Coaching engagements. When it comes to client’s National Sales and Product Launch Meetings, her versatility puts her either running a breakout room, leading an Action-Based Learning® activity, or ensuring any behind-the-scenes initiatives are running smoothly. She is also one of our certified LIFO® facilitators. In addition, Lauren can be found from time-to-time supporting our Creative Design & Logistics team efforts. Her all-in, well-rounded mindset and skills make her a huge asset to any client engagement.

What did she do before joining #TeamRiverbend?

Prior to joining Riverbend, Lauren worked in a variety of mental health settings. Lauren’s experience includes private practice, school, and agency settings. She has worked as a mental health consultant, for both private organizations and schools, working to strengthen relationships with faculty and students.

Where did she study?

Lauren holds both a Specialist (EdS) Degree and a Master of Science (MS) Degree in Professional Counseling from Georgia State University, and a Bachelor Science (BS) Degree in Psychology from the University of Georgia. Lauren is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the States of Georgia and North Carolina, and is a National Board Certified Counselor. Lauren additionally has extensive training in forensics and earned status as a Registered Play Therapist (RPT), which comes in handy working on Riverbend’s Action-Based Learning® events! As previously mentioned, she is also certified in LIFO®.

What does she do other than Riverbend?

Lauren loves being with her husband, James, and daughter, Halle. She is passionate about continuing to grow as a therapist and pursues regular trainings and continuing education in mental health and coaching. Lauren can also be found exercising, mentoring, traveling, and serving in her church.

What is her favorite Riverbend workshop or experience?

Whether it is hiding apples IN the “Big Apple” for an Amazing Race themed client ABL® or seeing a client breakthrough in a one-on-one coaching setting, Lauren loves all aspects of Riverbend! Having a sideline view observing the clients learn while running down a football field, watching teams come together to solve a problem, or practicing a new technique role-playing for a clue to solve a mystery is what she loves most. Lauren enjoys the unique ways Riverbend meets the individual needs of each client they serve!