What does she do at Riverbend?

Liesl’s innate sense and consistent demonstration of business acumen, together with her expertise in Human Resources, training, and building cohesive teams makes her a cornerstone not just to the Riverbend South Africa team, but to the Global team at large. Liesl has more than fourteen years of leadership “flight hours” in her career-logbook and therefore has an excellent grasp of the challenges facing leadership in big corporates today.

Liesl’s deep understanding of people dynamics still fuels her desire to elevate engagement at all levels.

She has been quoted as saying: “I love doing meaningful work. Addressing important problems previously ignored is something that multiplies my Happiness factor.”

What did she do before joining #TeamRiverbend?

Prior to joining Riverbend, Liesl enjoyed nineteen years in the financial services and insurance industries. Her career evolved from its original days in Legal Advising to Executive Leadership roles in Human Capital development in the heart of Johannesburg.

Throughout her career, Liesl has been recognized as a self-motivated leader with a proven ability to drive organisational improvement. Liesl has always looked for ways to improve the status quo. She had the title of Head of Human Capital for two divisions at First National Bank, but preferred the informal job description of “reformer.

She has often found herself in roles where she is the trusted council driving different transformation initiatives – most recently at an NGO (in the heart of Hillbrow).

Where did she study?

Liesl holds a Bachelor of Commerce and LLB from the University of Stellenbosch. Liesl loves to add to her qualifications. You will find a range of interesting diploma’s in her cupboard from Accounting to Executive Leadership, and most recently her apprenticeship in Narrative practices.

What does she do other than Riverbend?

Liesl relates and stands her own ground equally well from the highest corporate C-level interaction to mobilising a kitchen full of six-year olds for a cupcake challenge.

Liesl enjoys her studies in the field of Narrative counseling and is fascinated by the potential of Epigenetics.

When not consulting, she loves spending time in the bush with her family or being adventurous with a new recipe in the kitchen.  Liesl is part of her Church’s leadership team and serves on the HR sub-committee of an NGO Board.