What does she do at Riverbend?

Renee joined Riverbend’s Creative Design & Logistics team in January 2018.  Renee plays an intricate role in developing, organizing, and fulfilling materials for our clients across a variety of scale engagements, such as large Sales or Product Launch meetings to small, intimate executive off-site retreats.  Renee has developed world class customer service and organizational skills thanks to her previous life as a flight attendant and a legal administrative assistant.  In addition, her global airline experience, provided the perfect training ground for adaptability and change leadership.  Renee’s ability to apply her expertise with those she serves in and around Riverbend is renowned time after time, project after project.  We are so grateful for her

Where did she study?

Renee’s work ethic started early, as she studied at Kennesaw State University, while simultaneously workings as a legal secretary at Cobb County, Georgia’s Solicitor’s Office.  When her life journey led her to American Airlines, Renee underwent an intense six-week medical and service training course — “I felt like I was at a military boot camp!”  Renee led and served passengers all over the world.  While doing so, the travel in itself provided an education that cannot be gained in the classroom – learning about different countries, cultures, and people are some of her passions.

What does she do other than Riverbend?

Renee enjoys exercise classes (PureBarre, Pilates, Yoga), as well as long walks, hiking and bike riding.  Her entire family – husband Eric and their two children Will and Mia – love snow skiing!  They prefer to ski in the western mountains, with frequent trips to their favorite ski town – Big Sky, Montana.

What’s her favorite Riverbend workshop or experience?

Renee is passionate about making any and all of Riverbend’s client deliverables a success.  With that said, one of her favorite experiences to-date was a client’s North America Sales Meeting, at which she was an integral part in Riverbend delivering 9 workshops simultaneously for 1,800 people in 3.5 hours!  Her favorite of those workshops is Riverbend’s “Leading with Emotional Intelligence in Times of Stress” – thanks to Renee’s leadership and organizational skills, there was no stress to be seen or had for that massive deliverable!