What does she do at Riverbend?

Sarah is the Leader of Strategic initiatives at The Riverbend Group. She joined the team in August 2016 and spends most of her time on the important projects that need to happen for The Riverbend Group to be best in class. If you’re familiar with Covey’s Quadrants of time management…. She is Riverbend’s “Q2”, important but not urgent. These projects span from organizational efficiency, business development, marketing, and more! She also jumps in as needed and assists with a variety of Client Advisor, Facilitator, and Creative Design & Logistics deliverables as an engagement requires.

What did she do before joining #TeamRiverbend?

Prior to joining Riverbend, Sarah was in the world of boutique corporate event planning where she led the visualization, coordination, and execution of large and small client gatherings. Her background in bringing an engaging theme to life for a gathering means that she is equipped to help transform training and development meetings into true Riverbend experiences.

Where did she study?

Sarah graduated from Wake Forest University with a double major in Art History and Anthropology. Feel free to ask her how she uses her Liberal Arts education daily in Riverbend work… Anthropology and Art History show up more frequently than you might expect!

She is certified in LIFO® Behavior and Communication Styles, Quantum Negotiations, and as an MBTI® Practitioner for Step I and Step II.

What does she do other than Riverbend?

In her free time, she can be found doing “research” on food and beverage at restaurants across Atlanta, planning her next trip, getting some Vitamin D on a walk with a friend, or organizing her office.

What’s her favorite Riverbend workshop or experience?

She’s really passionate about the Motivational Leadership workshop content – beware the soapbox!

She is also constantly “trying on” different Time Management and Productivity techniques – beta testing recommendations and strategies for clients to learn in our Time Management 101 workshop.