We can make serious business and learning awesome. Actually, it’s one of our greatest strengths! Join us as we take professional and personal development out of the “classroom” and unleash the results. Let us immerse you into a transformational travel experience in which you discover, reflect, and apply learnings to your goals.

Experience-Based LearningTM

Prepare to Soar®

Prepare to Soar® is for teams or organizations that:

  • face roadblocks to performance
  • seek growth opportunities
  • believe in organizational health
  • look to retain and develop top talent

The Prepare to Soar leadership experience leverages the true story of the Apollo 13 Mission and 13 Mission Critical Concepts (MCCs) that drove the Crew’s success.

  • Accountability, commitment, communication, courage, execution, focus, innovation, leadership, preparation, problem solving, reality-based thinking, teamwork, and trust and respect
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Leadership Legacy: Head, Heart & Hoof™

A Leadership Legacy: Head, Heart & Hoof™ is a themed framework to equip people to become the best of the best, the elite leaders… like the 1% of race horses who win the Triple Crown.  Learning is structured around the thoroughbred concepts of Head, Heart, and Hoof… Head = Will to Win – the drive and determination to pursue a sustainable win and legacy Heart = Courage – conquering fears and showing courage to pursue greatness Hoof = Speed of Execution – understanding the timing and urgency displayed by champions

S.E.A.L. Training®

Solidarity. Ethos. Agility. Learning.

Looking for a transformational program guaranteed to completely reset your perspective, thinking, culture, and team dynamic? S.E.A.L. Training® is the EBL™ for you. Co-led by both The Riverbend Group and some of our country’s most elite Navy SEALs, this deeply immersive program will give you results …immediately.

ONE Rowing™

One Crew. One Boat. One Voice.

Just like your team, it is impossible for the sleek racing shells to maximize their performance, much less stay afloat, without the three crew fundamentals of One Crew. One Boat. One Voice. After an immersive experience on the water with Master and Gold Medal rowers, your team is led through a debrief and business application that will transform the way your team thinks and works.

Adventure-Based Learning®

Prepare to Roar®

Prepare to Roar exists to provide you with the inspiration, the tools, and the courage that you are looking for to reinvigorate, accelerate, transition, change or launch your journey professionally or personally.

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