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The Riverbend Group’s process begins before any statement of work is signed, or usually, even written. We ask the right questions up front to get to the heart of the goals, opportunities, or issues within your team or organization. We are not a training and development “vendor,” and please don’t call us one! We believe in being a “partner” with your team and making sure you succeed. Simply ask those who partner with us.

We are curious! Of course, we have a range of “services” we can deliver, but our partnership excels when we can get quality time with you throughout any engagement. We listen to you and your unique requirements and learn about your business. No cookie cutters here! We deliver applicable, actionable results to your specific needs.

When it comes specifically to training and development, we connect the “classroom” content with your every-day environment. Learnings are immediately actionable and not left in the bubble of the classroom. This brings us to our Action-Based Learning® methodology.  Check out more on that here. We believe that when participants are having fun, they are engaged, and if they are engaged, they are learning.

Our Integrated Services

Consulting, Training & Professional Development, Team Advancement

Riverbend’s services include consulting, professional coaching, training and professional development and team advancement.

We are at our best when we can integrate all four services and create a fully custom plan to fill your need. This integration and complete customization allow you to utilize our team as an extension of your own.

Wherever your organization has a need, Riverbend can adapt to help you navigate.

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How We Deliver

We deliver the right content, in the right way, by the right people.

Discerning the RIGHT content to deliver on the objectives and expectations is where it begins. Having a partner like us who is able to hear you …not just listen… but hear what you need, your team needs, your company needs, is the first critical step to ensuring your success. Then we partner with you to deliver the content in the RIGHT way. This means we discuss live and virtual options as well as integrate our extensive Action-Based Learning® options. The we make sure the RIGHT people are in front of your team, whether that is one of our team members or one of yours.

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Action-Based Learning®

Making Your Content Come to Life

Improving upon Adult Learning principles and inspired by Edgar Dales’ “Core of Learning Experience”, we developed our signature Action-Based Learning® methodology for making content come alive in the classroom and stick in your memory for the long run.

We include this methodology in absolutely everything we touch. Whether its a virtual environment, classroom at a sales meeting, or immersive off-site experience.

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Want Epic?

Transformational learning through the Riverbend Rapids

We have found that taking learning outside the classroom, into an immersive, VIP experience and setting, creates the perfect format for transformational learning and culture development. We remove you from your day-to-day distractions and surround you in an environment that produces inspiration, authentic conversation, shared experience and lasting impact. We created Class 3, 4, and 5 Rapids to meet this need.

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Workshop Content

Our favorite content

We often get asked to equip and inspire teams on specific content. Check out a list of some of The Riverbend Group’s best workshop content! It’s constantly evolving, and even if you don’t need a workshop or training, we might use this content to inform and customize your engagement.

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